D.C. school leaders, parents call for more volunteers to ensure safe student commutes

Jasmine Seawright, 16, lives in Southeast and rides a Metrobus each day to Richard Wright Public Charter School in Northeast. When she arrives at the bus stop near her school, there’s an adult volunteer waiting for her to ensure she and the other students on the bus arrive safely on campus. If she has to wait for the bus in the afternoon, there’s another volunteer present, supervising the students so nothing goes awry.

“My mom loves it,” said Seawright, a sophomore. “She loves that I can get to school and she doesn’t have to worry.”

The volunteers are part of an initiative called “Man the Block,” which grew out of Richard Wright Public Charter School’s effort to allow students a “safe passage” to and from school. There are now 300 volunteers at the high school, including parents, community organizations and college students.

STORY CONTINUES HERE: https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/education/dc-school-leaders-parents-call-for-more-volunteers-to-ensure-safe-student-commutes/2016/05/16/d931f11e-1b8c-11e6-8c7b-6931e66333e7_story.html

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